Song of the Mountains - To Be Oneself

You tell me there is no point
In going on, you feel so blue
You have no special talents
And you are just you.

But, hey, you got it right
You are just you!
And if you are not you
Who then are you?

Only you can do the things you do
And do them so very well
Sing that one song in that one way
And dance that one dance with a smile.

Be that one friend that no other can be
So laugh your laugh and not another's
Dream your dreams, and that your own
For only you are you.

There is none like you
There never was and never will be
So stop feeling blue
It is all up to you.

Learn from those you admire
But do not merely imitate
Learn, and dare to be
Learn to be yourself.

You will only be truly happy
When you are you
The genuine stuff
No alloy and all gold. 

- K.C. Tee -


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